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Company Profile A comprehensive profile of a publicly traded company including a business description, an interactive charting tool, statistics, analyst ratings, valuation and financial information, as well as the latest stock price quote, company news, and information on competitors. Profiles of over 10,500 companies are available.
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Corporation Records Detailed profiles of over 10,000+ public companies. Each description includes company background, stock and bond descriptions, balance sheet and earnings information, officers and directors, capital expenditures, subsidiaries and more. Click here for Sample.
Fund Reports Mutual fund profiles, including a short overview of the fund, a comparison of the fund’s performance with the market and its competitors, risk and return information, a current quote, charts, and statistics. Reports on over 14,000 funds are available. Click here for Sample
Industry Surveys Industry Surveys offer a comprehensive overview of over 50 of the largest North American and global industries. Each survey is authored by the S&P Capital IQ equity research analyst who specializes in analyzing companies within that industry. Click here for Sample.
Global Industry Surveys S&P Capital IQ Global Industry Surveys help meet the growing demand for in-depth industry analysis from a European, Asian and Latin American perspective. Designed for strategic planners, management consultants, money managers, researchers, business students, and academic faculty; Global Industry Surveys are an excellent way to get up to speed on current events, future trends and the competitive dynamics of leading industries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Click here for Sample.
The Outlook S&P Capital IQ weekly investment advisory newsletter for individuals and professional investors, published continuously since 1922. Drawing upon the vast analytical resources of S&P Capital IQ, The Outlook offers solid research on stocks, industries and the economy as well as independent, unbiased recommendations on what securities to buy, hold, or sell. Click here for Sample.
Register - Executives and Directors Short summaries of available information about executives and directors, including their titles, the name of the company they work for, their academic credentials, membership in fraternal organizations, and available business and residential contact information. Click here for Sample.
Register - Private Companies Hard to find information on approximately 85,000 private companies, including (when available), address, telephone number, officers and directors, total annual sales, number of employees, line of business, primary and secondary NAICS classifications, principal bank, law firm, and accounting firm, and more.
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Register - Public Companies Brief descriptions of a large universe of publicly traded companies, including stock symbol, total annual sales, number of employees, officer names, and NAICS assignment. Click here for Sample.
Security Dealers of North America A listing of North American securities dealers, providing a brief description of the business, a listing of the states in which they are registered to do business, the location of the main office, the names of the company officers, clearing firm, associations and memberships, and the number of employees and registered representatives.
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Stock Reports S&P Capital IQ Stock Reports are the industry standard in top-shelf equity analysis, covering over 4,000 publicly traded companies listed on the New York, American, NASDAQ and regional stock exchanges. Stock Reports include S&P ’s price-volume chart, statistical measures, and fundamental analytics, which provide a concise picture of a company’s health. Analysts consensus estimates and projections, industry outlook, and the latest news on the company are also included in the reports. Click here for Sample.
Sub-Industry Reviews Monthly investment commentary on 115+ sub-industries. Like S&P Capital IQ Industry Surveys, Sub-industry Reviews are authored by S&P Capital IQ award-winning industry analysts. Click here for Sample.
Editorial Features, Investment Commentary and News (Available to all Subscribers)
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Market Snapshot Provides commentary about what's going on in the equity market and why, addressing developments that affect the direction of stock prices. Updated throughout the day, this feature is written for individual investors in an easy-to-understand format.
The Outlook's Market Insight Written by the editors of S&P Capital IQ Outlook, this feature offers concise commentary on prospects for stocks and fixed-income investments. It draws on rigorous analysis by S&P Capital IQ top economists and analysts of factors such as domestic and international macroeconomic developments, governmental actions, inflation and interest rates. S&P Capital IQ current recommended asset allocation among stocks, bonds, and cash-equivalent investments is also provided.  
NYSE Snapshot NYSE Snapshot gives you the most important statistics on what’s happening at the New York Stock Exchange, including volume, advance/decline information, new 52-week high and lows, and information on the individual issues that are moving the most. This feature is updated throughout the trading day.  
NASDAQ Snapshot NASDAQ Snapshot gives you the most important statistics on what’s happening on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations system, including volume, advance/decline information, new 52-week high and lows, and information on the individual issues that are moving the most. This feature is updated throughout the trading day.  
ASE Snapshot ASE Snapshot gives you the most important statistics on what’s happening at the American Stock Exchange, including volume, advance/decline information, new 52-week high and lows, and information on the individual issues that are moving the most. This feature is updated throughout the trading day.
S&P Indexes Includes an overview, vital statistics, and list of constituents for the S&P 500, S&P 400 MidCap, and S&P 600 SmallCap indexes.  
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S&P’s Stock Picks & Pans Provides brief insights into what S&P Capital IQ equity analysts are saying about the individual stocks and industries that they follow, generally in response to corporate news or market developments. It is updated throughout the day.  
S&P's Focus Stock of the Week S&P's Stock of the Week focuses on a stock that S&P feels has the potential to outperform the market by a wide margin. Highlighted issues are usually small to medium cap stocks with high sales and earnings growth rates and strong technical postures. This feature is updated once a week.  
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Fund Strategies This feature details a range of investment approaches to the equity and fixed-income markets. This feature is updated every other week.  
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Industry In Focus Industry in Focus analyzes hot industries that are in the news. S&P’s editors will review why these sectors are hot as well as what the future may hold for them and their components. This feature is updated weekly.  
Stovall’s Sector Watch This section features sector analysis by Sam Stovall, S&P’s Chief Market and Sector Analyst. Sam often appears in the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, as well as on CNBC, to discuss market and sector conditions and forecasts. This feature is updated weekly.  
Economic Insight Economic Insight focuses on specific areas of the economy such as inflation, monetary policy, government spending and economic growth. Economic Insight also looks ahead to the coming month's data releases. This feature is updated weekly.
Economic Calendar Economic Calendar, produced by MMS International, is a schedule of economic indicator releases, complete with forecasts, consensus estimates and prior results. It allows individuals to track economic developments as they unfold. This feature is updated daily.  
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The Basics of Smart Investing This tutorial is a guide to investing, with an emphasis on understanding stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  
Retirement Tutorial The Retirement Tutorial educates the reader on the steps to saving for retirement. Issues covered include: Social Security, Inflation, Company Retirement Plans, Understanding Risks, Diversification, and Investment Allocation.  
Investing Investing addresses investment and financial issues pertinent to women. Issues discussed include coping with divorce or death of a spouse, building and monitoring investment portfolios, and understanding trusts.  
Your Money Your Money focuses on personal financial planning issues such as funding educational needs and budgeting for retirement. It also discusses wealth management issues, integrating an individual investor's personal financial circumstances with current market, economic, and legislative developments. Existing constraints such as estate taxes, retirement distribution requirements and other complications are considered as well.  

Taxing Matters
Taxing Matters focuses on individuals' tax issues, as well as new or potential tax legislative changes, and is targeted at all levels of tax knowledge.  
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